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Mar 11, 2009 | By Bonzosmom

Most people say they worm their animals, shouldn't it be deworm? Which is not a word... Anyway, 13 out of 14 are done but we ran out of Equimax past… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Jackie F.

Seamus ran off this morning and he just had 2 of the little bums on him, yuk. The next thing you know I'll be battling the FLEAS again. I finally got … more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By kristen j.

he seems to be feeling better today which is great i am glad i love him and i dont want him to be sick

Mar 11, 2009 | By Anonymous

Does anyone have any ideas how to keep a betta bowl a bit warmer in the winter to keep the fish happier? The bubbles almost stop in the winter and he… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Misty G.

Is there really any good way to trim a dogs nails? Elliot is due again and I hate torturing her. We bought that nail trimmer thing you see on TV all t… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Mgitz | 3

My dog had a baby squirrel in her mouth, so my dad pulled it out and brought it to me. It lives in my room and I'm taking care of it. My dad insisted … more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Tru

With the warmer weather coming many babies will be born outside. If you find a momma with babies offer food and water and try to provide a safe palce… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Tracy G.

I posted a question yesterday about a red, raised bump on the tongue of my 10 mos. old golden retriever. I took her to the vet and it was a wart! He… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By D&R

Boy, our all too brief warm spell took an ugly turn yesterday as a cold front moved in and dropped the temp 30 degrees with a 15 mpg wind BRRRRRR! Man… more ›


Mar 11, 2009 | By Megan7389

Looks like I'm down for the count. Even looking at the computer screen is making me feel sick right now. The gap is widening between us and first...wh… more ›

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