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Mar 06, 2009 | By Laraine M.

My thanks to all who responded to my question regarding the peanut butter recall. I checked the Old Mother Hubbard website, and they assure me that t… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Wendy H.

My 15yr old dog prefers to be outside, even at night. She tells us she wants to go out throughout the night. I have to force her to come inside after … more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Rebecca d.

Has anyone ever tried to keep their dog with them at college? I've always thought about it but I don't know how well it woudl work with our crazy sche… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Whickums

The vet finally let my mom pick King up yesterday after work. They wanted to test his urine for blood because his blood counts are apparently very po… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Betty W.

Lucky is doing a little better today. She wouldn't eat last night but she ate about 1/2 of her food today and has kept it down so far. I'm hoping we d… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Kathy B.

When Spaz was a kitten he got sick, but it was like nothing I had ever seen before. He acted like he was choking on something and when he ate he back… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Lausieckmana

I have a 5 year old cat with asthma. What a pain that little disease is. He has days when all is well and days when he coughs and coughs and coughs.… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Ashley S.

We humans walk upright and take a pair of legs that we use in just about our every moment. But with some dogs they have lost legs for whatever reason … more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Anonymous | 7

Chekhov has developed an upper respiratory infection and is getting shots every morning. Thank goodness for a very good vet who lets me come in the of… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By LaurieO

I used to be a stay-at-home mom for 23 years and I started a job at a credit union this last fall. I like the job, but I feel real bad for my dogs sin… more ›

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