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Mar 06, 2009 | By Nicky R.

I found out that the vet that helps out at our shelter also takes care of rabbits, which is great for Mr. Cadbury. It's hard to find a vet around her… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Meg S. | 2

Being on a new eating plan when on vacation was challenging as there were many temptations. However, I did find a market with fresh fruits and veggie… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Marty T. | 2

When I was in one of my stressful periods, my wife bought me this little book "The Little Book of Stress - Calm is for wimps. Get real. Get stressed… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Jennifer B. | 1

At our last vet appointment, I asked about the black spots under her chin. My vets response? Macy has kitty acne. Nothing you need to do, it will g… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Eileen G.

Normally, I only take my cats to the vet for shots and their annual physical exam. Last night I discovered a mysterious swelling in the corner of Oki… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By C M.

Yesterday in Missouri, the temperature rose to 71 degrees. My dogs and I had a great walk at Stephen's Lake and then spent most of the afternoon outsi… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Annette D.

Yesterday, both Luna and Libby got a Dental done. I was a nervous wreck all day, because it can be very dangerous to put Greyhounds under anesthesia. … more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Michaelyn

The weather is starting to turn, so I will need to break down and shave Eenu. He is already panting after our morning walk. The first shave is alway… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Michaelyn

She kept getting her toes crossed, so I cut the hair around her feet than cut her toe nails. I cut about 1/2 off. I am sure she feels better. With … more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Joan L.

Ty and I have a wonderful cat named Junior. He was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroidism. We gave him the perscribed medication. A side affect was him sc… more ›

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