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Mar 10, 2009 | By Barbara H.

I woke up this morning only to find one of my baby's was limping on her back leg. She wouldn't even let me pet her. I came home this afternoon & she w… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By Denise M.

My 11 year old shih tzu had his third treatment with the new melanoma vaccine today. He will have about 24 hours of being tired, maybe a low fever, an… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By J G.

It is that time of year when I have to get out my clippers and help my cats with no teeth groom themselves. Some of them get some mats on them and ne… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By Nichole M.

Today I walked Rudy. He is so fun to walk because he runs into the snowbanks and dives after and digs anything.

Mar 10, 2009 | By Marissa F.

They are fat. And overly friendly. They also like live in trashcans and chow on leftover Ratty takeout. And then, they just pop out of the trashcans a… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By Lisa B.

Buffy got to come home yesterday and she is certainly much better that she has been in quite a while. She was back to her complaining and pesky self.… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By gale m. | 4

Well Ruffles seems to be limping just slightly every once in a while again. The vet says that they have to do sedation and xrays in order to rule any… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By melissa b.

today it was a beautiful day outside so my roomates and i took all five dogs out for a playdate at the park. we played chase and then we played fetch … more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By Mariah C.

how can you tell when it will be your cats last day with you? our oldest cat tabbie is getting to old and all she ever does is lay around..... i can … more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By Lucille Vaughn F.

Had to go see my Cardiologist this morning and my Cholesterol factors are all great. In the normal range. But, my blood pressure was up. I think it's … more ›

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