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Mar 08, 2009 | By Megan B. | 1

My mom's dog, one of our family dogs growing up, has developed a cough that sounds an awful lot like congestive heart failure... hacky, non-productive… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Ann-Marie J.

Fecal Egg Count Exams Offer Useful Information for Horse Health Management by: Press Release September 17 2007, Article # 10428 Print Email NEW!… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Marlene M.

Our cat, who seems to be in peak health, had a full-blown seizure with no warning several days ago. If D had been human, I'd call it a grand mal. His… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Bostonterriers | 4

Jiggs is a 3 year old boston terrier. He is a sweetie, but likes all the attention. He can jump over to what's going on faster than fast. We adopte… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Cathyd101

Second warm day, already there are flies out there!! Saw a couple of bees. The horses are not ready for flies......... What will happen when we … more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Kim C.

Does anyone else have those stinking beetles in their house? I am so very tired of them-I've tried just about everything...nothing seems to make a di… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Furperson

While Dusty is primarily an indoor Dog, her "Cousin" Jess spends much of her time outdoors on the 150 acre forested property where she lives. Naturall… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Renee P.

Tori is sick and has been in bed all day. Maxx has been right by her side and now it seems he is sick too. We will see tomorrow if he is really sick… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Nevin031

Not that the vaccine works all that well in preventing Giardia and diarrhea, it does help reduce the shedding of the protozoa into the environment; so… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Sarah C.

Cooper's foot is much better today. Hey a day without an accident - wow that is certainly good!! Still concerned about infection so he'll continue t… more ›

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