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Mar 12, 2009 | By Nancy S.

Today the weather is supposed to be 80 degrees. The sun is shinning and the flowers are just beginning to bloom. South Georgia is a beautiful place … more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By lorraine B.

Not all cats will develop cancers or feline health problems from exposure to secondhand smoke. However, research shows that the chances of developing … more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By Izzypawprint

We recently had a man who isn't even associated with our shelter hear we needed a way to get an 8 year old cat (adopted from us years ago) from Knoxvi… more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By Donna H.

My sisters golden had cancer in the hind leg and because of her age one vet told her not to have surgery she would not respond well. Well she checked … more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By Betty W.

Lucky continues to have the ornage loose stools. She seems happy enough but we really have to watch her to keep her from having accidents in the house… more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By carol s. | 14

My darned internet would not work this morning. I usually start on my videos and photos before work. Get up early just to acomplish this. Then, I g… more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By Jenn S.

It seems people get a little touchy when told their dogs are fat. They feed because that is how they show love. It is a shame, because they do not s… more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By Michele H.

We lost our beloved black lab/rot mix just before Christmas to Mast Cell cancer. What started out as a little tiny black wart on her lip turned out t… more ›

Mar 12, 2009 | By Belinda F.

Our little Tut got sick last week and I had to take him to Dr. Fig. He fixed out little Tut up and in 2 days he was back to himself.

Mar 12, 2009 | By Chris G.

Sad to miss the normal TV coverage of this show. The BBC decided not to show it on the principal that modern dog breeding is cruel, tail docking, and … more ›

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