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Feb 08, 2008 | By Anonymous

This site seems to have a lot of bugs that still need to be worked out. Like when you hit the "Back" button and it takes you ALL THE WAY after you've … more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Michelle M.

My Chocolate Lab, Flopsy, is a service dog for my son Blair. Blair suffers from a tramatic brain injury as a result of a car accident in 2003. About… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By jaren m.

my dog is pepper.she is 20years old.she is so gentle.i love dog.

Feb 08, 2008 | By Denise O.

This site is great!!! What a wonderful idea!! I am sure going to try and help PWP---they need it!

Feb 08, 2008 | By Sheepherder

I love this site and what it will do for the pets of our country and raising awareness of animal needs.

Feb 08, 2008 | By Lisa M.

have you ever noticed where ever you go your dogs go? i think that is what i love about my pit bulls the most. any where they go they are right at my … more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Christina F.

I am a full time college student, mother, wife, homemaker and farmer. I have a total of six dogs. Three German Sheperds and three Pug/ Shih Tzu mixes.… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Gaealady

Hello-My pet menagerie includes 9 cats and 2 Doxies. I need advice on how to get cats to get along. One cat lives downstairs because she attacks other… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Mellon C.

Simon wanted me to upload the black and white shots of him running around by the river. He loves his backyard and chasing the squirrels. He and Mail… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Betsy

Of my 4 pets my dog Quincy is the first one I got. He was my neighbors puppy. She had found him on the side of the road. He was starving-she could see… more ›

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