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Feb 09, 2008 | By john m.

An orange tabby wanna be of Morris the cat form the nine lives commercials Buddy is all of that finiky and easy going.Love to look out the window at h… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Alana S.

BunnyCat came hopping to us in our back yard way back in 1996, she will be 12 this year, her borthday is always on Easter Day!, she is a very special … more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Modelmaheim

Our beloved rat, Buddy, died Monday. He was with us 2yrs. My wife and daughter are beside themselves with grief. He was fine that morning. That aftern… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Sara29

Luchinao just got back from the vet. He has a sore in his mouth but he is expected to recover. I loved the vet we took him to. He was amazing. The fam… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By CHELSEA B.

Glad we are getting more points, I really hope our shelter wins, But its just great that some animals will have a better future at their temporary hom… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Marissa G.

my puppy is very small and just turned 7 years old i ? her !!!!!1


Feb 09, 2008 | By JeanneL


Feb 09, 2008 | By Grace

My cat hopped up on my bed last night, so i petted him. Then I smelled something weird, and I thought it might be him, so I sniffed my hand. It was hi… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Kimmy

We got Sadie when she was 8weeks old.. she is now a little over a year old!! she is pretty much out of the chewing stage but she still gets into stuff… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Dawn I.

Just a little bit about me....I have rescued many animals from the streets myself and found homes for them, I have adopted all of my animals from shel… more ›

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