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Feb 11, 2008 | By Mary

I enjoy animals and reptials of differents breeds. Reading about the many different kind is interesting . I volunteer for Winnebago County Animal Serv… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By mary t.

I had 4 Pom's I loved them all, My fav was Sailor moon pie,and Teddy. Thay are gone now but will allways be in my heart. I al so have a granddog he is… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Patty S.

Due to the recent outbreak of parvo at the county shelter I'm learning & educating others about the horrors. I've always had my pets vaccinated so di… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Kathy r.

Not long after PK established himself in our garage we started to all grow fond of each other. He slowly started to trust us and allow us close enoug… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Alyson R.

I have several animals I love them all. Like they were my children and in my eyes they are. They are spoiled. I have some of the animals pictures on m… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Britni M.

My boyfriend and I adopted Jackson from the AZ humane society in December. The moment we brought him home, our dog, Doja and him fell in love. They sp… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Anonymous

Unfortunately we had a death in our family last week. Our beloved hamster, Cuddles, of 3 years, passed away in his sleep. I prefer to believe that h… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By KARENLOVESLABS | 2

I think people who support a shelter should be very investigative!It doesn't happen much,but there are a few that are all talk!I have seen this a coup… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Dan

TAMPA - He fell six stories but somehow survived. A 2-year-old lab mix named Jet is a lucky dog. On New Year's Eve, he and his owner Clayton Tieman… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By RayneStorm

Creed is going to be getting fixed soon...I am nervous to see how she will act after the fact, I heard that when animals get fixed it changes them a l… more ›

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