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Feb 16, 2008 | By Susie P.

Millie is black lab mix,she is the best dog,she is a very good watch dog and she loves to sleep on our bed and she loves her treats.I don't know what … more ›

Feb 16, 2008 | By Jennifer S.

I will be working on this in the next couple of weeks, look forward to Pictures.

Feb 16, 2008 | By Cgomora | 1

Karma She had been ill for the past month. While she was getting her beauty treatment her regular groomer noticed sores on her belly and suggested to… more ›

Feb 16, 2008 | By Peebco

Riley is our grand-dog and lives in Des Moines, IA. so we only see her when they come to visit or when we visit them. She's quite a character. She's… more ›


Feb 16, 2008 | By Jonathan T.

I love my pets there ages are 3 and 6 month year old

Feb 16, 2008 | By Nichole

I have a new set of families...Mine and my friends hamsters had babies together and there are 7 of them now...and our mice had 6 new babies that makes… more ›

Feb 16, 2008 | By Diane M.

A couple of weeks ago I had to have my dear lab, Katie, put to sleep. After almost 15 years of the company of a wonderful companion, the time had com… more ›

Feb 16, 2008 | By Petebridgford

For fourteen years this black dog, Shalom, dominated our lives as an empty nest replacement. She thought she was a black lab and behaved much like on… more ›

Feb 16, 2008 | By Jessica M.

In less than 2 weeks we will be married. The ceremony wouldn't be the same without our two favorite furry friends there too. Arnie and Tootsie will at… more ›

Feb 16, 2008 | By Kathy S. | 1

I have worked on helping Bowling Green Warren County Humane Socicity earn points on here because, i feel that they deserve a makeover. All of the peop… more ›

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