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Feb 15, 2008 | By Getreal

Three years ago I lost both of my dogs to cancer. I had them both for 15 years. They were by by side every day, they gave me such joy for so many year… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By Tina F.

I love this site and will be back often! Thanks Carol for turning me on to this. Good luck Stray Rescue of St. Louis!!

Feb 15, 2008 | By jane

ok... on a daily basis, my day starts at 6.15am EVERY DAY as I feed the horses before I feed my children..!!

Feb 15, 2008 | By Paikan

That zootoo journal is a great idea. You should try it too. Now I need to find interesting topics to discuss

Feb 15, 2008 | By Dottie M.

When my children were growing up, we most always had pets: cats, a dog and fish. We moved from one part of the country several times, so weren't able … more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By Mitch J.

Here's a quick something about me! Cathy and I live in Hillsborough and have 4 little scallywags of our own who are all shih tzu's and 3 of which are … more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By Hannah M.

Hi i'm Hannah i have a spanish mustang named Lucero that i love love love!! he's 4 yrs old & still wild, but he's a sweety. i also have a dog named S… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By Teresa D.

All of my life I have had cats as my friends & partners. Usually they find me and decide to stay with me. Ever notice? Cats choose you, you don't choo… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By 1cakelady

Hey Karen, Julie and Bobbi, Thank you so much for taking care of my babies when both of us had to leave in such a hurry! You are great friends! A… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By amy l.

Pets are my life if i could have them all i would except maybe some spiders, not really into them kinda freak me out. Dont get me wrong if i saw some… more ›

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