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Feb 21, 2008 | By Amyjones | 1

I once had another Pomeranian named Precious. She died from cancer not to long ago. She was happy and always made me smile. It was hard to let her go.… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Leanne D.

Stevie Bear is my first litter raised at MESA. He special to me in many ways. He was the only puppy in that first litter. His mom, Megan had a hard ti… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Leanne D.

My Son, Alex, fell in love with Siberian huskies. I tried for 2 years to talk him out of getting one. They are not a breed for everyone. The love to r… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Katharyn

We just got a miniture pincher last month and he is doing excellent with my children. Their ages are 4 and 5. So, for the people who think that little… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Samantha

Lookin for some cute pictures?? Well then look at my animals! They are all so cute and interesting. Thanks! -Samantha =)

Feb 21, 2008 | By Leanne D.

Since I was a teenager, we have always had shelties in our home. When my girls, Michelle & Stephanie, joined 4H with dog projects, I was bitten by the… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By MegHMacho

Jack is two years old and weighs in at least 70 pounds. He is half Lab and half Dalmation and is spotted all over. At times he is a little rambuncti… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Theresa

I sit here thinking Burrr, I don't want to go out. It is so cold out there. Yet when I get out side to feed and care for my animals I find myself not … more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By jon s.

I joined Zootoo as a contest to earn points in high hopes of helping my local shelter. I have recieved an abundance of education to offer my animals a… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By theresa s.

ok guys lets try for 150 by the weekend I have had a couple more people join but you have to comment and review items to be effective

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