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Feb 18, 2008 | By Nila N.

My family consists of many members, to start there is my husband; Wayne, our daughters; Gatana and Aaryan, and myself. My husband has been in the bree… more ›

Feb 18, 2008 | By Pennie

We have numerous animals. Some are used for 4H and others are just companions. All are loved dearly! Even our stinky sheep are spoiled rotten! … more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Myenta

is what I feel after working at ARF on the Saturdays. I enjoy being able to help take care of the dogs. I find it refreshing and I live for the weeken… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Lexi S.

My horse, Pokie probably saved me from a broken arm. I was climbing over her stall door, which is a gate. And my boots were muddy then I started to sl… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By George P.

Each day I think to myself, "I need to do a journal entry on zootoo." But I am never sure what to write. I mean, I like doing the review of products c… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Kristy H.

I am the proud owner of brother and sister duo Paco,Bella. They are 10 week old Chihuahua's. Paco is the brown cutie and Bella is black, brown and … more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Amanda

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Amanda I am twenty one years old and happily married to my wonderful husband Blake we… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Julie | 1

O.K. so it was halloween night and we were at a kill bill party. For the whole week prior I had been searching for this abandoned kitten that was roa… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Julie

I have never had dogs before, we were always cat people. The kids were off to college and the last cat died at a very old age. My father died and I w… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Valerie C.

I rescued Smiley (Shmoo) from a private farm in Blacksburg Va. They always set up their table with pets in front of the theatre space on Virginia Tec… more ›

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