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Feb 29, 2008 | By Melissa D.

Hello I don't have any animals But I am an animal lover and am on here to try and help my local shelter get the million dollar makeover! I worked at t… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Kristenheinz57

My dogs are soo adorable, the other day, i had a laser pointer out, and i was playing with my little boy dog, he was having a blast. I made him follow… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By DebbieKelley

Zootoo is very supportive. If you should ever have any problems with your points, or profile, etc., just e-mail them at: - explai… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Carole A.

I got Crissy, my very first Sable/White Collie for my son Brian for his 14th birthday in 1995. Ya'll know the routine..."I PROMISE I'll feed her, wal… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Jean S. | 1

I found Kacie about 4 months after starting at the Humane Society as a volunteer. She was so emaciated and had bacterial infections on her skin; she … more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By tori w.

Well ,I live in hillsboro missouri and i live with my dad ! he is Jim wilcox and he is tring to win the contest . His shelter is Jefferson county ,630… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Rachel B. | 2

So, the other day Jeremy sat down his roast beef & cheddar sandwich to go heat something up. When he turned back around, McLovin had the half sandwic… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Melissa L.

Hello all! What a fabulous site this is! Well, I have a turtle and 3 cats. My cats Lucy and Caesar and turtle Stoney were given to me because they … more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Chickbus

My husband and I have been farmers for many years but have expanded our livestock over the past 3 years to include more than cattle. I have a herd of… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Bailey00

Bailey is such a sweetheart. She is very much a people person, but very cautious as who she goes to. I think this is because she was a shelter dog tha… more ›

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