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Mar 15, 2008 | By Avatar42

Taking too long to add stuff here. See my photo album / bios of my pets by name at Or see the cat feed… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By amy m. | 4

Inez is my special girl. I agree with Katz when he says he thinks you can have more than one heart dog, she’s my 2nd. She came to me as my 26th f… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By LavenderRose

I got Pixie from my boyfriend in 2004. She was so tiny and had the most beautiful big green eyes, and big ears. She reminded me of a little impish fai… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By DenverGroomer | 2

In the seven years that our family has lived in our home our neighbors have been through just as many dogs. They are a sweet family with children but… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Trotters1

We adopted trotter from little shelter 12/06/98. He had been abused so was a little scared at first. With the help of Laura Best we worked it out. Tr… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Courtney O.

Well today i am working. yet again. I work at a pet boutique though so its not all that bad. i miss star though. i didnt get to spend much time with h… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Anonymous

Nelli is my 3 year old dog. When we brought her home she was the runt of her family. Nelli is trained to sit. Nelli is also poddy-trained. She can go … more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Anonymous

Cain is my brothers pit bull. My brother got Cain while he was in the air force in Las Vegas. Cain is a well trained dog (since he was trained in the … more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Heather P. | 1

I used to be an indoor cat until I got older, and my hair got longer. My humans did not have the time clean up all the hair that I shedding every day.… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By ashley s. | 1

This is the most amazing video i have seen in a long time. I am currently going to college studying zoo biology and in a few years i would love to be… more ›

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