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Feb 12, 2008 | By Lori G.

BUT Jake is so cute and adorable in person. I guess he has a "great personality" that makes his so atractive...he's not a love at first site kinda can… more ›

Feb 12, 2008 | By Brooke C.

Elvis is officially 1 week old today. And he has more than doubled in size. He now resembles somewhat of a mini-hippo or a giant hampster. He's so … more ›

Feb 12, 2008 | By collyn f.

Today school was cancelled!!! PARTY!! haha. Well we went out in the two inch deep snow with our pup Kali. It started to snow again when we got out the… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Justin D.

My bunny has a two story cage and any time she wants to go on the 1st story from the top she slides down the STEPS!!!

Feb 10, 2008 | By Yvonne G.

I wrote an article of the Top Ten New Year's Resolutions For Kittens, it was inspired by my kitten Shadow. Here is the web address where the article i… more ›

Feb 10, 2008 | By Michelle C.

Today I got delivered a huge over 6 foot Playstand for my 3 Cockatoos. Cheeka is the only one so far that has been on it.....only because I cant get h… more ›

Feb 10, 2008 | By Jacob H. | 1

This is mostly about my pets and other animals first my first animal was a bunch of fish there was too many so most of them died! I got two more that… more ›

Feb 10, 2008 | By .:Jademist:.

This is a site I joined a while back- also, there is and other animal sites!

Feb 10, 2008 | By Bailey

I told a joke to winnie when I was walking her and I was laughing really hard then I look at winnie and she's bobbing her head up and down like I was … more ›

Feb 10, 2008 | By Anonymous | 4

My familt is a VERY nice who i love and who i love a lot is my brothers and 1 sister and also how could i forget my 5 pets 2 dogs and 3 cats and do yo… more ›

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