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Mar 04, 2008 | By jori b. | 2

i was sitting on the couch eating my french fries and out of no where here comes butch he jumps up on the couch and my fries go every where i was so m… more ›

Mar 04, 2008 | By Samrose

it was so amazing there is 6in. of snow on the ground today !

Mar 03, 2008 | By Katelynrex | 1

Lily is such a sweet dog she loves to run and play shes so sweet

Mar 03, 2008 | By Katelynrex

Princess is such a great dog she is so sweet

Mar 03, 2008 | By SuzzieQ

ok sadie and suzzie were outside while we were working on the roof in our back room. we look outside and sadie had started to dig where the sewer pump… more ›

Mar 03, 2008 | By Emo | 1

we have recently started taking our pup on walks through the more "woodsy" areas of prospect park instead of risking ball ingestion in the fields duri… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By SerChan

Now this happened when we first got Sheba and she was still really small. Well she liked to always think that she was bigger than she was like most d… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Ange M.

Today Spurrier was sick in the morning and I had to go to work, not fun. He felt better by the time I got home and we played ball and he helped dust t… more ›


Mar 02, 2008 | By Anonymous

Today Sam took my sisters old old doll and kept chewing it apart and ripping the stuffing out! And i kept screaming "Ur a baby eater" and he dropped t… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By LauraFank

Mr. Princess is a wonderful cat!! My grandma doesn't like animals and she says " Oh i don't want a cat, but if I did would take him." Doesn't matter … more ›

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