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Oct 23, 2008 | By Susan A.

I guess the puppies have moved into the rebellious teenage years. This morning, Ally would not come in when it was time for Rando to go to work. The… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Tessa | 4

SLEEPING WITH DOGS Whoever said 'LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE" didn't sleep with dogs. The first thing you discover when you bring a dog onto your bed is … more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Anonymous | 4

20. Can't stick their heads out of Windows XP. 19. Fetch command not available on all platforms. 18. Hard to read the monitor with your … more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

New Product for all our furred friends! Are you tired of using the 'backspace' key all the time when you hit all those small human sized keys wit… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Tessa

The Family Dog The family's dog was bought for a guard, Chained to a post in a chilly backyard, Housed in a shed that was airless and da… more ›

Oct 22, 2008 | By Heather

Well we took Digger to petsmart for the halloween party and he entered the costume contest and took 1st place. He looked so darn cute and he is such a… more ›

Oct 22, 2008 | By Dorothy H.

Here is a picture of Misty with the toy I made. As I wrote before, I used a cardboard cylinder and wrapped yarn around it, going through the center an… more ›

Oct 22, 2008 | By SweetieKisses

A friend found a rose wasp nest about 20 inches high. He sprayed the wasp out of the nest so he could save for a conversation piece. it was only about… more ›

Oct 22, 2008 | By Megan M.

Our 2 year old bombay LOVES toilet paper If he can get his paws on a role of toilet paper he will run up the stairs let go of it, and then mutilate… more ›

Oct 22, 2008 | By Jackie P.

Did I say I enjoyed the slide? Well here I am ready to slide. I like to slide where ever I see them, not just one particular slide.

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