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Mar 15, 2008 | By Olivia G.

http://www. thepetitionsite. com/1/healthy-dalmatian-euthenized My Family and I went to the lancaster Animal shelter and this dog on this petitio… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Kate H. | 1

Did anyone see on Nancy Grace last night about the police and Animal welfare groups help to raid a puppy mill and rescue 800 dogs and 84 exotic bi… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Uturn369

Sweet sweet Sara is very camera shy...hopefully i can catch her offguard to share a pic

Mar 15, 2008 | By Sarah H.

Frodo is a sweet dog. He was born on an Amish farm out in Dundee N.Y. His first human playmates were two little Amish girls. When we first saw him he… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Shiann L.

last Monday my pour lucy got fixed and yesterday she got her stiches out and now she is running so fast you can bearly see her she is happy to be out.

Mar 15, 2008 | By ZacharyBrownlee

meow meow meow

Mar 15, 2008 | By Animalluversgurl8

well i don't remeber what day it was but the other day charger had yet again another seizure it happened right before we went to school..i helped him … more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By Coreyann12

Ninny won't come in side and she was so eager to get outside! You could totaly tell because, every time tis is so, she gets so exited when you say "… more ›

Mar 15, 2008 | By robin p. | 1

Took my wife to the circus today so she could be with her pre-k class on their fieldtrip. There was an article in the paper telling people not to att… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Kathleen | 2

I do not understand why so many people are against this fund raiser. Strippers are woman (and men) who dance eroticly as a job. I would do it if I had… more ›

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