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Mar 31, 2008 | By HEATHER D. | 7

I was the 5th top reviewer on Zoo Too, with well over 70,000 points. Suddenly during the last 2 weeks of the contests, my reviews are getting flagged… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Natalie W. | 1

I can believe what I watched today on the news. It showed Seven a boxer that was taken from her yard and was then throwen over a overpass on to the hi… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Kewlhippie36

Snoopy came to us last May weighing in at 14 pounds. He was sweet and quick--and worst of all, he could squeeze through our brand new picket fence! Af… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Rachel E.

As you all have probably seen, I've been very vocal about this news article. I feel very strongly about this situation, since I'm a pet parent and av… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Jennifer B. | 13

OMG!!! I just finished watching a video on CNN about a man that threw a boxer off of a highway overpass in Utah. I hope they catch this suck F%$& an… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Judy R.

This miraculous story about a three legged dog, retrieved from an animal shelter by an elderly handi-capped couple only to have the dog save them fr… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Judy R.

Denver, CO is only one in seven states required to report animal abuse. This is outrageous. It is mandatory for every state to report child abuse and… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Sarah S. | 4

Well, the makeover competition is almost over and i will probably never revisit this website again. Not because i don't love animals, but because i do… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Gtg452y | 34

Hey ZooToo-ers, Ok, so it's no secret that there is this competition for a shelter makeover going around. It's no secret that competition is… more ›


Mar 30, 2008 | By Joe G. | 1

My shelter has been deducted 50000 points by zootoo.

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