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Oct 08, 2008 | By Katie Lou

We got a puppy mill puppy that was thrown away at a shelter today. We rushed it to the vet becasue its poor little eye is in suce bad condition. He … more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Amanda F. | 2

Just wanted to let people know my story: My family use to have three Labradors (chocolate, black, and golden); we use to raise them. Our golden lab (M… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Preston C.

I dont know why it is, but I just get so excited when I see someone who has a great dane. I find myself rushing over to say hello, and tell them that… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Meredith M.

We just got a chinchilla in our shelter and I had never been around one before. The one we have is so cool! He's super soft, sweet and is pretty soc… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By mike z.

Jersey City is being overrun with mini doxies. who'da thunk it. I feel like I'll never escape them...

Oct 07, 2008 | By Rwells5

Sherman is my 3rd child, partner, cohort, best friend, protector. I adopted him from the shelter 5 years ago. Sherman had been a dog fighter for a res… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Kimberly F.

Reflections Of The Terrier A yip and a yop Excited and bored A slip and a slop A growl and a snore. The K9 world is full of words For mailme… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Kimberly F.

Show me a Doberman, I'll cut him to size. I'll tear him to pieces In front of your eyes. I'm cocksure and bossy The King of the Patch Brin… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Kathy M. | 1

I have two pugs and they are the best pets I have ever shared my home with. They LOVE to eat. Unfortunately, so do I, so we all have to watch our in… more ›

Oct 07, 2008 | By Tracy Moser Re Pets M. | 9

I was walking some shelter dogs, when my VERY BALANCED VERY WELL BEHAVED Pit Bull went with me not on a leash becasue she stas right with me. I use h… more ›

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