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Feb 08, 2008 | By K

Bear barks A LOT even if he doesn't have to go to the bathroom....

Feb 08, 2008 | By Kittypassion | 2

I am keeping my daughter's Siberian Husky for several weeks because he kept escaping from her fenced yard, which caused her to get a county citation t… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Connie A.

I have four cats at home. Angel (is going to be 9 this year), Ebony (5 years old), Ivory (2 years old) and Apollo (almost 1). Two of our cats (Ivory… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Amber M.

2/8/08 Molly is doing so great. She is still gaining wieght. Yeah. She is such a good dog. She makes a great pillow, foot rest, etc. I have never me… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Caninetrainer

I have been fascinated by animal behavior since I was a child. As a result I have trained my dogs, horses, chickens, igunanas, and even my box turtles… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By LuvingPaws

Although I call them my kids, first and foremost, they are dogs. I love them with all my heart, and therefore provide rules, boundaries, limitations, … more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Dawn

I brought Henry home from the Humane Society on Tuesday. I got to know him a bit from hanging out with him a few days last week. I felt sad for him … more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Susan H.

I have had Niner since he was 11 months old. I lived in a small trailor when I got Niner. I basically rescued him from someone who couldn't keep him… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Anonymous

So...last night Jack threw (yet another) fit over Emma laying on his ottoman. He stomped around and screamed and cried until Em got annoyed and joine… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By BabyBlueEyes2883

So Mott is finally picking up on the whole pee pad concept. He used it yesterday all on his own when he had to go, five times!! And he went potty outs… more ›

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