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Feb 11, 2008 | By Drkayes30

I am not sure what this journal is supposed to be about, but I will write about my new apartment, and that Melanie is not going in the cat litter. … more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By HollybushServices | 2

As a dog trainer we have many phone calls regarding various problems. Many of our calls are people making uneducated and unplanned decisions on the n… more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Bailey

I was walking Colee and she ran so fast that I tripped and fell and started bawling then she comes over to me and starts wimpering just like me and I … more ›

Feb 11, 2008 | By Anonymous

ansley is so amazing. She is my fav!

Feb 11, 2008 | By Dawn

On Friday Mister Henry started his meds. He is on Prozak. So far, he is doing okay and does not seem to be having any side affects. His doctor said… more ›

Feb 10, 2008 | By Sal052276

I'm a certified dog trainer. I'm certified by the Animal Behavior College. I run group classes at the Piscataway, NJ Petco on Saturday afternoons. … more ›

Feb 10, 2008 | By Jessica F.

I know people have conflicting opinions about dog parks. Some people thing they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, others think they are an a… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By Jessica W.

I was taking all three of my dogs out for a walk today, I had was just about to come to a lady who was trying to walk her two huskies. Her dogs were … more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By alexis p. | 1

daisy is a verry loving and caring dog she is also crazy!! she is verry good

Feb 09, 2008 | By Kara C.

My dog Luna loves to jump on her hind feet! When you snap your fingers, she will jump up and if you have a treat, she will walk to the treat! She love… more ›

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