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Feb 17, 2008 | By katrina

i am taking care of her. she is such a good girl best i have ever meet. she is only 7 months old and she is totally house broken she is home from 8 am… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Jose51

One day while i was at work my dog decided to chew up my important papers and my shoes that i needed the very next day!!.. i kno i was MAD

Feb 16, 2008 | By Ashley B.

my rabbits are a hanndfull

Feb 16, 2008 | By Jordina9 | 3

I was walking my rabbit, Mia, in my yard to get some fresh air when all of a sudden, this dog comes out of nowhere and he puts her in his mouth and st… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By kris h.

For those of you who think rabbits are just stupid little rodents, let me be the one to inform you that you are wrong. Not only is Buddy litter box t… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By Destiny

All 3 and my aunt's dog is very well trained. Meechi is the most experienced because my cousin trained her when she was a puppy. Her daughter Roxie wa… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By Brenda m.

My dog is so cool he brings me my cigarettes the remote the phone my cell i dont even hafta ask..... sometimes I jus look over ,and there h… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By henry b.

Pablo: Pablito; P-Boy; Mr Poops; Mr Peabody; Goober Boy; Mr Big (in the voice of Boris from "Rocky & Bullwinkle"). Violet: Violetta; Lady V… more ›

Feb 15, 2008 | By arlene

I am keeping Monkey in the laundry room now since he is able to break out of the crate (Im going to get a new one this weekend). Unfortunately he has … more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Knitnsew

Jagger has grown out yet another new claw. I can feel it as he purringly kneads my shoulder. I hear it when he tires of being the only nocturnal being… more ›

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