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Feb 09, 2008 | By April H.

We adopted a very rowdy but sweet kitten from the Henderson Humane Society, she fits into our family just perfectly.It took quite a while but my other… more ›

Feb 09, 2008 | By LeeshaH

Well lets see both of my animals are from a shelter. I figure why not save a couple lives than to get them from a breeder. I love them to death they a… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By LAURIE C.

When I was a kid I always had dogs,cats,horses,goats,you name it.But,as I got older and got married and had children,pets were not apart of my life.… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Kelley S.

I was rescued by the cutest pup in the world. Her name is Sassy and I got her from Stray Rescue of St. Louis in 2006. She is a sweet Pitbull Terrier… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Adam C.

Brownie was my first dog ever. We saved her from the Tri-County Humain Shelter. She had just come in and we got her a day after she arrived. Unfortuan… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By MJ P.

We have sibling cats that were rescued (before Katrina) from the VERY spot where the levys broke in Jefferson Parish (Lakeview area of Metairie). We r… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Bethany C.

Rose arrived from the local animal shelter where she had spent 3 months. She is learning to trust, build confidence, and appropriately use her herdin… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By Heather

Wednesday i went to meet theses people at the ionia animal shelter. I was trying to see if Rockie would get along with the whole family. He was clingi… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By judy | 2

When I first lost my dog of 14 yrs in may 2006, I ended up at the Animal Orphanage just walking up and down the runs, crying as I was still very sad a… more ›

Feb 08, 2008 | By maria s.

I adopted my kitty Porsha (: she's a great cat I love her and can't wait to share my life with her ^-^

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