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Feb 14, 2008 | By JaNeen H.

Marley is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. I have Tamera at Animal Aid in Ft. Lauderdale (Naples) to thank for that. She saw something in… more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By mitzi f. | 1

Mama Chow came to the Henderson Animal Shelter as a stray. She was scared silly and tried to bite anyone who tried to touch her. She was dirty, wet a… more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Hoyle

My dog is a rescued dog and this is one of my top picks for everyone. Rescue is the best way to go.

Feb 14, 2008 | By Sharona51

My husband Mike and I are big animal lovers. We live in the country and find that so many people simply dump animals. Both of our dogs and our one c… more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Cassie L.

When i got jazmin her name was claire. we got her at petsmart but the organization she was from was orphanes of the storm. We took her into the room … more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Patricia W.

I work at a video store where I live. I have worked there for 10 years. One of my customers works for our local vet. She owned a beagle and he had … more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Anne

My name is Anne, I am 53 and divorced.. I live on a lake in South Carolina with my five four footed kids...Elvis, Jake, Puddie Pie, Tristan and Jack. … more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Patricia W.

I have been divorced for a little over two years. When my husband filed in 2004, I moved in with a girlfriend and her sister-in-law. They had two do… more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By Mamajack

Prince was given to a rescue by a backyard breeder. When I adopted him, he was scared of everything. It took two months to get him to walk on a leash … more ›

Feb 14, 2008 | By BEVKRUSELL

Thank goodness for Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield, Ma. We lost our mini daschund and were grieving thinking another pet would be too… more ›

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