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Feb 25, 2008 | By lynn r.

I had a rabbit for 7 years, she was the sweetest thing ever. Sadly last year I needed to put her to sleep, after her front legs went useless. The vet… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By Mandy

We have done a great job earning points for our shelter! Keep thinking of that end result: a much-needed makeover for the shelter. Think of the anim… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By Pixie61

My baby brother turned 5 weeks old today. he will be home on St. Pat's Day. I'm soooo excited. i can't wait to meet him for the first time.

Feb 25, 2008 | By Pixie61

Today is my 5 week old birthday!!!!! I can hardly wait to get home to be with my new family and to meet my brother Casper for the first time! I hope h… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By Leslie

BuBu is the love of our lives and very spoiled. She is a real baby and loves attention and must be held or talked to all the time or she cries. She… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By Breanna S. | 1

My life is moderatly normal. I like the songs Church by T-Pain, and Bounce by Timbaland. I like Green Day. My favorite colors are hot pink, fuchia, aq… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By Donnacrossley

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop my dog chasing cars. He is very good until he sees a car and then off he goes.

Feb 25, 2008 | By Diohgea

Lucky is a few months old now i believe though the previous family didn't remember when they had bought him but he was already pretty big. He is a syr… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By mary d.

I have a cat who is being very mean to his owner. Were he is biting my but.I just wish my cat would stop biting my back end cause it really hurts. How… more ›

Feb 25, 2008 | By Diohgea

Tubby is a longhair kitty whom was recued by my mother in granite city. He and his sister had just been drug out of the gutter by their mother who was… more ›

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