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Feb 23, 2008 | By jennie s.

Haun got out of his play pen today when i was cleaning his cage and he got behind our entertainment center. I was scared out of my mind. I had to get … more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By BlueSkyAcresRabbitry

Today was really beautiful, so me and my sister brought Lily (the mother mini rex) outside for a little sunshine in the morning. She was scampering ar… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Gina V.

my brother found him outside he had no home so i took him into my life and helped him live he is a year now and he is a sweet heart, He will coming up… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Jodi R. | 1

Saturday is Casey's favorite day of the week. Don't ask me how, but she just knows its Saturday. From the moment I wake up she starts wagging her ta… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Angela T.

I have a small zoo in my house. I now have 3 pugs. Sandy is 6 yrs old and Bear and Teddy were born in December '08. Teddy and Bear have a sister Si… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By SarahLincoln

I am a veterinary assistant student at Jefferson College in Hillsboro,Mo. our vet tech students recieve about 16 animals total half cats and the other… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By kayla c.

on february 20th jake went to the clover farm vet to ge his shots. the people were varry nice to him when he was there . there was nothing wrong with… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Bob and Tammy

Tammy and I have owned and raised Dauchands for about 25 years now. We can say in all of this, there is now better reward than the love and devotion … more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Anna H.

Well Ki Ki is crazy. She is 1/3 cat, 1/3 human, and 1/3 dog. She's in love with my boyfriend which she believes he belongs to her therefore she thinks… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Leahrhw

A neighbor’s child knocked on the door and asked us if this dog belong to us. The oldest home was just finished a few months before we moved in so … more ›

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