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Mar 10, 2008 | By Houstonm

Well, hectic is an understatement. My baby, Lori Darlin', is at that stage in life that she needs wee pads for inside the house during freezing weathe… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By Keri S.

I dropped food off at my bf's office (thats where torque stays during the day..with dad) and torque was running around in his little osu hoodie. I lov… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By Jennifer K.

Our town's park has a baseball field that is totally enclosed with fencing and gates, so when it's not being used by people, I take Ozzie there to run… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By BlueDogPetShop J.

Tabby was given to us about 3 years ago. She came to us in a taped up covered litter box. (I guess the person that found her didn't have a cat carrier… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By Chris

Baily is the daughter of Abigail Starlite. She is a very high energy dog. Always wagging the tail and banging it into everything. She is always HA… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By Chris

Abby is an exceptional dog. The older she gets the smarter she gets. She truly is a Retriever and mans and womans best friend. This is such a wonde… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By brooke t.

We currently have only 1 dog, 2 cats and 1 bird. Over the last year we lost 2 hamsters, 1 bird, and gave our 2 horses to a camp. It seems to be a cons… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By Maryann R.

About 3 days ago my husband and I decided on getting a dog. It was more that we wanted a dog but wasn't activly looking. We just happened to go to the… more ›

Mar 10, 2008 | By Lanedallas

How do I upload my pet profile pictures?

Mar 10, 2008 | By Kristy H.

I have become a Pack Leader-to one of them!! I am also obsessed with the Dog Whisperer. I can walk into the room and gain control with just being "… more ›

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