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Mar 11, 2008 | By Tamra E.

Paw Paws Rescue Prevent Paws on the Pavement Poker run MARCH 29TH, 2008 HELP A HOMELESS PET! $15.OO PER BIKE, PASSENGER 4 CANS … more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Tamra E.

Well we are rolling slow but at least we are not at a standstill. If I could train all the dogs to dig for water pipes it would be great. LOL We are h… more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Shanna86

I adopted Riley from Woods Humane Society in November 2006. My daughter and I found him and then 2 days later my husband adopted him, just in time for… more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Kitty051685

Moo says- i was locked out in the kitchen all day as usual, so i sat in the dining room window and waited for 'mommy' to come home from class so we c… more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Jenn | 1

Puppy Size This is one of the neatest stories you will ever hear. You will know precisely what this little girl is talking about at t… more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Chancesboy | 2

I love animals. I really do. But I didn't know what it was to really love them and live with them until I met Carrie by girlfriend. She has 5 dogs … more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Reuben2

Coming out delivering grocery's when I saw my ride pull up and Reuben was in the back of the truck. Surpised to see him come out to the Piggly Wiggly.… more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Huckylover5

Shakespeare is a rescue dog from Los Angeles, California. We adopted him from a local adoption fair that is held annually during the spring. He was in… more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Alejandro

Today I tested my water and noticed a couple of things. Ever since I put in some live rock I have had algae growth in my tank. I know that it is good … more ›

Mar 11, 2008 | By Debbie M.

I posted a photo review of River with his "Tuff" tennis ball. It was removed and so were the points! I don't understand why. And zootoo won't let me u… more ›

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