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Feb 17, 2008 | By Marilyn H.

I had 2 goldens but the 14 year old died on 9-4-07 and her son died on 10-1-07. I miss them very much but will not get new ones for a little while lom… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Michelle L.

Well my name is Michelle. I am 25. I am engaged and have a 3 year old son. Zorro and Lily are sister and brother and their mom was a stray cat we foun… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Michelle R.

Supposedly I have violated terms of I don't blame the people that run zootoo. I understand completely that they want to protect pets from … more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Michelle R.

Yay! Maxwell, my foster bun, is finally going to get a wife and a home! I am so happy! We just got back from the bunny shelter and the girls decided t… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By jacquie b.

our cat simon the siamese has been through 4-5 different cat foods has no parasites but doesn't have solid stool been like this since may of 2007 been… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Shirleyraile

Amy is a good dog shes good with kids,and she plays a lot she likes to go on rides.Shes like a kid she needs a lot of attention.we would like her to b… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Victoria A.

This morning we were supposed to take our children to the fair it was the last day. Well we were having coffee and all of a sudden my oldest son sai… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Alexa

I have so much going on this week, I'm on total overload!!

Feb 17, 2008 | By Sarbear01

Stephanies Animal rescue is a great place, and many memories are shared with us all. The animals there warm up to you and you cant leave them alone af… more ›

Feb 17, 2008 | By Jessica E.

My pets are my kids. Well cared for even hired babysitters for them. We have had 3 dogs, a cat, and cockatiels. We had Smoki from 3/84 to 12/84 he was… more ›

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