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Feb 28, 2008 | By Samantha

One night i was doing my homework in the kitchen on the laptop. My dad was playing rockband in the play room where mickey my female cockatiel is. My m… more ›


Feb 28, 2008 | By Kevin | 2

My family is providing a foster home for a male Shepherd/Husky mix named Rex. Rex is well-mannered and well-trained. Completely house-trained and wi… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Cathy S.

We are a small home rescue with 5 dogs who share our lives all the time. An Otterhound and 4 Beagles. Currently, we have 4 dogs looking for their fo… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Dragonflydesign

my belgian malinois has taught me a lot about how to live with more awareness to the present moment. He is very alert to everything in his environment… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Jackie B.

I have lost my chaos a few months ago. He was the best rottie you could have, very good with all dogs, cats and kids. He loved being around the fami… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Trekkiekadie

Leonard would not pee while kenneled yesterday so I let him out. it was so sad to see him in there. and quagmire wanted to join him! We have a dog ken… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Lisa

Today is the day before the big Pound-A-Thon fundraiser. The stuff is starting to hit the fan. Our celebrity guest vet went out of town and won't be… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Bree H.

I love my dog tessa! she is like my life!!! other than Jesi.. she is my best friend!!! Yes... i have conversations with her!!! and i will talk to her … more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Angela B. | 1

Bunny Lu Adoptions Inc. is an all volunteer, not for profit rabbit rescue, providing food, shelter and medical needs (including spay/neuter) for the r… more ›

Feb 28, 2008 | By Angela B.

So far Bunny Lu Adoptions has taken in 30 rabbits since January 1st and has found homes for 18 during the same time frame. Our year so far has been a … more ›

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