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Feb 29, 2008 | By Lbkitkat15

Smiles spread easily so spread a smile today and wipe the frowns away

Feb 29, 2008 | By chris o.

pepper is doing great with housebreaking almost to the point where he is training himself. I found out he loves the snow, i think it was the first tim… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Judyhc62

Anybody know how long a guinea pig lives? Mine is 3 and I'm getting concerned about years but he is quite healthy it appears. Sure eats alot of gre… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Diana S.

He lost his fist tooth playing with his friends yesterday!!! Some girls at the park said once he loses one they all start coming out. I freaked at fir… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By lyzzie k. | 2

yah my kitty had five kittys and we gave two of them away the other three we kept for a while. our neighbors hated the mother cat so they did someting… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Bob C. | 2

Mookie was some type of pit bull mix with a very curly tail. By any standard he was a big dog. He was known as the strongest dog in the shelter. St… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Turtle1023695

Patch came from a shelter. The owners left a message saying she was not a good dog. She is a perfect dog. We would not trade her for the world.

Feb 29, 2008 | By MammaNPetLover

My 2 year old black lab was the hallway leading to our kitchen, supposedly sleeping, when we heard a bang. We went in the hall way only to find my "b… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By Kathy S. | 1

i am fighting to bring up the numbers if we go down i will be swinging with everything i got.the bad part of ot is that people wrote me with this caus… more ›

Feb 29, 2008 | By MarieRuggeri

Being a beagle/Jack Russell terrier means that Max loves to stop and sniff--or pull on his leash. We have been working hard to learn how better to wa… more ›

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