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Mar 02, 2008 | By Jessica F.

Phoebe's pick for the day: Today is the day for CassidyBridges! Go check out her reviews, and if you find som… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Dennis M.

We have had Pekingese most of our lives. At one time we had three from the Table Mountain Shelter, Golden Colorado. Their names were Toby, Shyanne, … more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Paula H. | 1

I can't thank everyone enough for supporting us. All the volunteers have been fantastic working round the clock to help us stay in the top 20! I am … more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By HomesForPetsOutreach

Homes For Pets Outreach is a program created by Barnett-Fuelling Real Estate Services of Naert Realty. The Homes For Pets Outreach program allows Bar… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Heather Q.

Amos went to work with me today. I tell the customers I'm the one workin' hard and he's the one hardly workin'. He is the best door greeter I've ever … more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Tina

I started out looking for a dog for my kids for Christmas one year. I searched and searched through sites on the internet looking a medium size older … more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Teresa C. | 10

I drive the transport truck for the Bowling Green-Warren Co. Humane Society. It's a very rewarding job, as I know that all of the animals I'm transpor… more ›

Mar 01, 2008 | By Yamilex R.

I really love my dog Meche...shes 4 years old and ive had her ever since she was born...I still want to have her for years to come so im hoping she wi… more ›

Mar 01, 2008 | By Alysa C.

i just joined this site today.. (march 1st) i could use some friends :) i haven't searched for people in my area yet, just trying to get these pix on … more ›

Mar 01, 2008 | By Kaleigh | 1

I just adopted an extremely cute puppy from the HSHC. His name was Abe but we changed it to Bear. He is a fuzzy Akita-Shepherd mix. He is 4 months old… more ›

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