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Mar 14, 2008 | By Charlotte W.

Cole and I are moving to a house in Zionsville tomorrow. I'm excited because it means Rosie and Elliot can both live with us now. No more traveling … more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Irene N.

On Tuesday, March 11, my husband and I had to make the painful decision to put our dog Mickey down. He was suffering with bone cancer and the time ha… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Kate H. | 1

Did anyone see on Nancy Grace last night about the police and Animal welfare groups help to raid a puppy mill and rescue 800 dogs and 84 exotic birds?… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Babs5669

Kahula was found wonering around an apartment complex by my ex-husband. She is a full blooded Weimer and our guess is that someone had gotten an expen… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Betty C.

Charlie was named after my father who passed away.. he is a ladies man.he loves to kiss and it has to be on the lips!! He is very affectionate and lov… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Babs5669

Molly was adopted from our local shelter when she was 3 years old. Someone threw her out of a car when she became unusable for them at a puppy farm. I… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By tsmackley

I Love my animals! My Dog Petie is just like my child.. He means the world to me. I do not know what I would do without his Love! To have the uncondi… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Betty C.

Dolly Doodle is a jack russell terrier mix. She was a shelter dog who had puppies at the shelter..We werre able to take her home the day the puppies … more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By Raynmel

I am worried about my KittyMan. He's comfort eating I think and I worry that he is gaining too much weight. I'm going to get him in with the vet next… more ›

Mar 14, 2008 | By John H.

I'm so thankful I found Smokey at the HSOV, he's been a wonderful addition to my pet family. My Border Collie Amy has finally accepted him, and they h… more ›

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