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Feb 20, 2008 | By Amber M.

Well, I am debating on adopting a new puppy from the animal shelter. He is about 12 weeks old and is a shepherd mix. He has a great personality and is… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By Vritchey

My dogs are the BEST!

Feb 20, 2008 | By Betsy

I had had my dog Quincy for about a year and after a couple of tests discovered he had allergies to many different foods. I had just purchased some ba… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By Lisa G.

Boots is a very large cat. When people first notice him they are not sure he's a cat or dog. The most unusual feature about Boots is that he has 6 t… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By DebbyKoehler

I just wanted to introduce myself by telling you how my dog (my baby) Dale selected me. Yes, HE selected ME. I went to the Humane Society with my mom,… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By Ceh

I have worked in two pet stores over about 12 years and have probably come into contact, cared for, cleaned, played with and many other things, almost… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By Linda

Lassie was my baby for 14 years and she passed on last summer. Skylar came into our home in January. She's very active and it will take us awhile to g… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By Sparkafide16

Maxx is a rescue dog who has come a long way. We got him from the Florissant Animal Shelter for free, however his first vet bill was $500. He was used… more ›

Feb 20, 2008 | By Betseysugg

Just helping out a friend and a great cause!

Feb 20, 2008 | By Jennifer R.

I actually work at the humane society. I love my job most days and I am always supporting most animal organizations. I have been there for about 14 mo… more ›

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