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Feb 19, 2008 | By Barb T.

Star & Cuero are the happy parents of 6 little ones 2 females & 4 males. They were born on Valentine's day and also on our Anniversary. By the way th… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Brenda

Can you tell my son named them? Ha Ha Ha He has been wanting a pet for a long time. Recently I gave in and got him some fish. Since we are in an apar… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Lenna

Two Saturday ago I went to Petco and brought 5 new fish, 3 Scissor tetras and 2 golden algae eaters. Its been over a week and everything is going grea… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Nicbrun77 | 3

Yesterday, I adopted a cat from the Humane Society in my town. They had me take him home and today I took him to the vet to get a check up and neuteri… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Lenna

All 3 dogs are up to no good. They are are fighting over their treats ( where they hidden/burying them) Pompy like to take them into a room where she … more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Mesh

We just had a neighbors puppy come to visit. The cats, who have no problem with older dogs, were a little skeptical about this excitable ball of fur.… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Terry Z.

Arrival Story: My dog of 16 years Thursday had died, and I lasted a week with no dog. In my frantic search for a new companion I ended up at Open Doo… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Megan B.

I am originally from Missouri, but am going to college at Oklahoma State University. I am currently an employee of the Humane Society of Stillwater.

Feb 19, 2008 | By Alan & Nancy A.

It took 1 1/2 years for us to gain the trust of Spinner. When we first saw him he was eating bread crumbs that I had put in the yard for birds. I to… more ›

Feb 19, 2008 | By Kimberly R.

I went to the max fund to find my son a dog. We came across one that was just wonderful. Shophie is an American Bull dog, and she is one of the best d… more ›

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