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Mar 17, 2008 | By Teresa D.

Opal is Scooter's sister.Both were orphans raised on kitten milk in a baby bottle.They are very special kitties. Opal is kind of shy but very loving.S… more ›

Mar 17, 2008 | By Teresa D.

"Scooter"is my little fat boy.At night when I'm watching TV, He has to lay on the arm of the chair or sofa right next to me.He drapes on the chair arm… more ›

Mar 17, 2008 | By Teresa D.

"Precious" is the last Feral that came to live with me about a year ago.My older cats didn't like her @ first because she got so much attention. Preci… more ›


Mar 17, 2008 | By Mike D.

If you are offending by my Short sided imperialistic views on things, then Fack you :D

Mar 17, 2008 | By Ivaindian

Horses can be guides for life into the spritual world..I belive that if you don't have any relionship with horses then you are not going to live a hap… more ›

Mar 17, 2008 | By dianna c.

Hunter and Sonny i love Sonny but i like Hunter

Mar 17, 2008 | By Cassie | 1

Nothing makes me feel as peaceful as when my kitties snuggle up on my lap purring and happy. I have the sweetest cats I've ever had. They have there… more ›

Mar 17, 2008 | By terry o.

The day after, Poor Cody

Mar 17, 2008 | By Eith | 2

on this very 3/17/08 gizmo was hospitalize and needs all the prays he can get to save him and he is a very strong dog and i know he will serve his tre… more ›

Mar 17, 2008 | By LeeAnn F.

The first dog we got helped me exersise, gave non-judgemental companionship and love. We now have 6 dogs to love. Those coming from the shelter are … more ›

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