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Mar 02, 2008 | By Alex J.

Rejection. That was the feeling bubbling inside my stomach as the black, iron doors closed in front of me. I peered out through the bars, the black l… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Lightninglynn | 1

My dog lightning tore her toenail just about off so we took her to the vet and the removed the toenail then they gave her a check up. when they gave h… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By K9dogluva

Believe it or not Mandy saved my life! When I was younger I became very ill. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. Finally they "gave up" on… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Andi R.

I am spending part of my Sunday uploading images from the annual HSOP Pet Photos With Santa. I have to tell you, the first year I did this (2006) was … more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Merri S.

The picture on our profile is our beagle Bud who passed away 3yrs ago. This was how he would welcome me home from work every night. He was the sweetes… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Lea C.

Ok so today is warm, in the 70's and we took Woodie to the dog park of our Townhouse complex. She met Radar the Bassett Hound and Lady the Terrior. … more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By jane

well, Barley surpassed himself today. I've schooled him, on a few occasions over trotting poles and such like, but, he does tend to get a bit bored… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Emily T.

One day i went into the Max Fund shelter and there was a schnauzer Mom almost ready to have puppies! so We took her in and she had puppies! my photo i… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Bob C.

I returned to the Animal Orphanage (AO) after a very tragic incident where I had to put down one of my own pack. It took me a good month to contact… more ›

Mar 02, 2008 | By Jennifer G. | 1

Maybe it's because I'm new, but I can't figure out how to edit a review I just did of the Halti...I forgot to set it at a 5 (or maybe I did and there'… more ›

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