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Mar 18, 2008 | By ZzCyBorGzZ



Mar 18, 2008 | By Cassie

I thought most of friend work animals loves yet only one of them has visited zootoo. That makes me sad.

Mar 18, 2008 | By Charm H.

when you take cares of your pets they take care of you. :-)

Mar 18, 2008 | By Brieanne

Angela is really a spoiled GS She lays on the couch alot she loves to eat any thing and :woos" her daddy

Mar 18, 2008 | By CatLover12

My kitty kat is very playful.....yet hipper in the mornings!but i will always love her

Mar 18, 2008 | By Amy U.

Manny is just the cutest little puppy. He's listens sooo well and he's housebroken. Alright, well he's had 2 accidents only b/c I wasn't paying atte… more ›

Mar 18, 2008 | By Donna M. | 1

I have always adopted my dogs, and I have had dogs all my life. But nothing made is more clear to me that adoption is the best method for getting a ne… more ›

Mar 18, 2008 | By Jamie P.

Bailey is our only dog. All of the rest of the dogs are waiting to be adopted. She is very good about sharing her house and toys. And loves to sit out… more ›

Mar 18, 2008 | By Cassie574

why do people buy animals and treat them wrong? why do people hurt animals? why do people neglect animals? why do people see animals as a money invest… more ›

Mar 18, 2008 | By jamie r.

i came home from school and found out that my cat was missing

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