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Feb 23, 2008 | By kayla c.

on february 20th jake went to the clover farm vet to ge his shots. the people were varry nice to him when he was there . there was nothing wrong with… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Bob and Tammy

Tammy and I have owned and raised Dauchands for about 25 years now. We can say in all of this, there is now better reward than the love and devotion … more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Anna H.

Well Ki Ki is crazy. She is 1/3 cat, 1/3 human, and 1/3 dog. She's in love with my boyfriend which she believes he belongs to her therefore she thinks… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Leahrhw

A neighbor’s child knocked on the door and asked us if this dog belong to us. The oldest home was just finished a few months before we moved in so … more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Kristina D.

Well, in the ongoing saga of keeping my kitties healthy (which I'm sure to rant on later) I've been trying to get my senior kitties (Groucho and Sinat… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By BrigidsBlest

Why is it that when I go to take a bath, all of my cats decide to come into the bathroom, climb up on the edge of the tub, and drink out of it? Doe… more ›


Feb 23, 2008 | By BrigidsBlest

My right ear (outer ear cartilege) really hurts right now, and if I were not the nice cat mommy I am, Wednesday would be in serious trouble. 15-pou… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By michelle r.

I strongly feel that in reflecting on one’s purpose in life and the impact we can have on the lives of those with two or four legs helps keep our ti… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Nick

Ozzie was actually a Christmas preasent 2 years ago. We got him after our old dog died. Ozzie can be very, VERY naughty! He chews on ANYTHING! Includi… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Rachel J.

It all started with one adoption of my beautiful timid,red cat, Chucky. I started thinking about getting a dog, tooThen I started to foster puppies an… more ›

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