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Mar 25, 2008 | By joann h.

Today our local paper had two cats needing homes. Fred and Dipstick 8-10 yrs. old; the article read that if no one wanted to take them soon they we … more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Julia H.

Buddy is a good chin! he is the bust chin! I love him a lot! his favorite things to do are, running around out of the cage, playing with his toy, a… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By dawn w.

my daughter and i raised hyde and teddy from about 3 days old, a had 4 but lost 2 over a rare illness. the humane society of parkersburg called me to… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Becky J.

As a merchant in my city, I have contact with not only my fellow merchants but all our customers. This weekend we are having an event for downtown bu… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Robin G.

This article was taken from one of the pages of Yahoo... I come from a family of pet lovers. There is something about the vulnerability of a stray… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Beth M.

I was a young, 3 year old bird who was hapily living with my owner, Tina. Well, Tina was having a baby and things weren;t going so well for her and t… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Tammy | 1

hello every one. I just wanted to tell you about my rabbit clifford. clifford is a 9 month old holland lop buck(male). I am interested in bree… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

Mercedes was adopted from WAHS within the past month and a half. She has 6 toes on her front paws and 5 on each of her back paws. She is the cutest … more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Jamie M.

With the closing days of this coming to an end, this was something fun, semi educational, and I hope people remember that if your organization doesn't… more ›

Mar 25, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

from the day we adopted him from WAHS as a kitten; he purrs constantly!! It is amazing! Snowball is wary of house guests and will stay in my bedroom… more ›

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