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Mar 20, 2008 | By kristy h. | 1

who says old dogs cant learn new tricks!! molly, who is 15 yrs old, just within the past year has learned how to open up the back screen door and let… more ›

Mar 20, 2008 | By kristy h.

gabbie is majorly obsessed with the tennis ball. she can also open up the back door by herself.

Mar 20, 2008 | By kristy h.

cash loves to lick lick lick

Mar 20, 2008 | By Lindsay G.

It's too bad we can't all be like our animals. Loyal, and faithful. Caring, and lively. I realized today that animals don't judge, don't criti… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By cindy c.

When Binx and Bella were brought to me, they were less than a week old, two helpless little orphan kittens brother and sister. I had no idea how or w… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By Twizzle

Ever since we picked Lincoln up, he has been a part of our family. He was suprisingly comfortable at his new home with us. He had a friend, Holiday, s… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By Jodi R. | 1

It sucks so much when our pets get old. OK, so when I adopted Charlie Brown he was already on the elderly side. He was almost 10 and already complet… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By Lisa V.

I am so amazed at all the effort people have been putting in to help our humane society. We have finally cracked the top 20 and I am very hopeful that… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By crystal s.

daisy was a lost dog. some how she find my home and we try to find her home but no one called and one day we had got a call from the sp ca and some… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By Carol T.

Bear is a delightful little dog. He is cute, charming, rambunctious and cute (oh, yes, I already mentioned he is cute) He behaves like a 5 year old … more ›

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