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Mar 27, 2008 | By Stephanie C.

Doucie is Daddys girl - she thinks that he is her soul mate & lives to be around him.

Mar 27, 2008 | By bryar g. | 1

I have always had pets, since I was able to walk. When i was younger, I used to catch tadpoles, and raise them into frogs, I would gather bird eggs fa… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By amy m.

‘nez had her second seizure in same number of days. i have been on edge waiting for the final and worst in her cluster. i cannot begin to image what… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Lambert

We got Makita whe she was 6 months old and she has been such an important part of our family since. She loves all of us, but My youngest son is her fa… more ›


Mar 27, 2008 | By Dennis B.

The Humane Society found Max, our Great Dane, when he was about 3 months old. He had been trying to run with a pack of dogs, but was obviously not fai… more ›


Mar 27, 2008 | By Helen C.

I use to breed pure bread dogs and loved them dearly, but within the last 5 years, I have become a true believer in adopting Shelter animals. 1st cam… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Debbsnana

Elmo is very spoiled and sometimes thinks he's Humane. He has his own people chair and will sit in it before you get a chance to sit down. He also lik… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Leximou

We spent some time in Deland where Dad went to Law School and then moved to Orlando where Dad set up shop. My parents were not fond of animals, but we… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Shirla S.

I have always been a lover of animals. and even though my pets are all in doggie heaven. I miss them more and more everyday. They where like my own ki… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By JJ135

My hamster Minni-Mouse is very loving. I got her at pet co i'v had her now for about a year. She has never bitten me or anyone else. her fav treats a… more ›

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