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Mar 27, 2008 | By Annette

Lambchop is a miracle cat He came to Pet Guardian with others from a kill shelter. Lambchop was the one who had one eye that just did not get better… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Julie B.

Oreo loves to play fetch and tug-a-war. He is gentle and smart. Knows how to sit and it learning shake. He is a big boy but thinks he is tiny enoug… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Debbie R.

Where's a camera when you need it? I had gotten an Easter lily from church and today I decided to plant it in the garden out back. Blue was being momm… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Julie B.

Jimmie loves to play with toy mice, and watch the birds outside. He is very sweet and loving. Not a lap cat but enjoys lots of attention

Mar 27, 2008 | By EllieBelliesmom | 1

Ellie Bellie is my spoiled little girl. When I got Ellie it was after I had lost my other little beagle (she was ran over after someone took her out … more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Rakubu | 2

Living in Central Florida, we have the unique pleasure of viewing space shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral. Even here in Orlando, we can see the sh… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Barbara H.

I am hoping that everyone who is rooting for our shelter will make some entries. It feels like running uphill. My foster kitties will find homes an… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Judy S. | 1

I read an article in the Observer Reporter about this contest for WAHS in January and I decided why not sign up and help WAHS. I did not dream I would… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Susanperrin

we adopted our brusier from the spcaand it was not a mistake in doing so. we are so pleased with him. he has turned out to be our big baby. and he was… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Catdancer

We only have 4 days left in the contest and i was so encouraged by the outpouring of support for the Freeport Animal Shelter, the employees, volunteer… more ›

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