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Mar 26, 2008 | By alli w.

i am just starting my journal to day!! woohoo!! lol! bye

Mar 26, 2008 | By Heidi H.

Olivia had a fresh bath today. Clean and white!! Happy and delighted!


Mar 26, 2008 | By Niki K.

What do people write in their journal? Is it just about your pets? Opinions of other things goin' on in the world? What? Can someone give me a hint? P… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Tori

Momo is a fat, cute puppy. He's sweet and loves attention...

Mar 26, 2008 | By martha p.

I was blessed to have Cindy for 13 years. She was a rescue from animal control. She weighed only 9lb. and was a yr. old cocker. As a result of being s… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Kathy F.

Today we helped nanna pack and load boexs for our move to our new home. Our favorite part was chasing the dolly as nanna pushed it to the gate. We als… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Brendasixcats

We have never seen another kitty with a tail that is up in a big loop over her back. It is actually starting another loop. The only time is is not up … more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Rhonda B. | 1

Max had a best friend named Gonzo he was a Yorkshire Terrier but on 3-12-18 he got out of the fence and was lost. My husband searched all day for Gon… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Debbie R. | 1

I tried to give Tete a bath and he hates water and he ran. So I didn't give him one. Maybe a spong or washcloth later. lol He will scoop water up with… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Ruthie B.

Dude i looked tis up.. we are te only country in the whole f****** word who isnt consideringthe koyot treaty. OMFG that is crap. N i see why russia,pa… more ›

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