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Mar 30, 2008 | By Nancy

Scooter was my Ice Cream Princess. She departed her earthly life in January of 2008 to enter Rainbow Bridge. She lived almost 16 years with me and a… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

61'st out of 3,680 shelters is amazing!!! That means that on Zotoo, we're rated in the top 1 to 2% in the country. I'm proud to support such a wonderf… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Zema

the all pet in west plians is the perfect place to go because the staff is great there!! they have a place in the back that the peple can groom your a… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Amyfields417

Seems like all I write about is his pasturella, but it seems to be pretty persistent. We have him on yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics. His eye is st… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Gatdaw

I know that none of you can read this because, well, you're animals, but I miss you guys and I can't wait to see you when I come home! When you think … more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Gatdaw

I'm in Canada now, but Im coming back. I miss having a warm, white, fuzzy thing at the end of my bed. When I come home I'll buy you lots of treats. Yo… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Sarah W.

With all of the recalls on dog food, as of late, we no longer buy dog food with preservatives or wheat gluten. We try not to by products with corn in… more ›


Mar 30, 2008 | By Joe G. | 1

My shelter has been deducted 50000 points by zootoo.

Mar 30, 2008 | By Gatdaw

You're gone and you're not coming back. I wish you could live again. I would be twice the owner anybody ever was. I miss you. I really do. I'm doing e… more ›

Mar 30, 2008 | By Lisa C.

I work at a resort and one of our functions in the Banquet Department used bowls of betta fish on each table to resemble the centerpiece. The customer… more ›

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