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Mar 29, 2008 | By JazziesMom

"NO DOGS!" That is what my husband has always said. He was afraid of them. He was attacked by one of his cousin's dogs when he was a kid. Every ti… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By C. S.

Hi, I am very happy that the Jefferson County S.P.C.A is ranked number 6 in the country!!!!! That is Crazy awesome! I hope this last couple days we ca… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Karen K.

Ever since I got the cats and I walked Raven. I have cats following me. First it was Simba and Isis. Then Crystal, Diamond & Simba. That must have bee… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Emily F. | 1

Last year my mom was helping me clean my hampster cages and i had a cat named Cooper he was in the middle of my hallway floor and i tripped over him a… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Shanna D.

Gotta Go To Work Tonight

Mar 29, 2008 | By alice m.

While I was in the hospital being treated for cancer; I became septic and was very very sick for 3-days. My beloved dog Mya during those 3-days did no… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Drgilson | 1

My dog Bebe is a Jack Russell Terrier. When we have friends over he likes to get attention by spinning around in the middle of the floor one way and t… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Andrea1234 | 1

OMG! Yea! It's Spring! That means more time spending with Brownie! Every morning I take hime for a walk around my neighborhood and we play all the tim… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Knf14

When I am ever on the computer, my cat has her special chair! Everyday she always has to be with me. When she is beside me she purrs very loud! She fo… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Jond

Rufus is a big part of our lives. She always comes first!! She's smart.. she has her "toy" box in the den. We'll tell her to go get froggy and she ge… more ›

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