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Mar 07, 2008 | By Janet S. | 1

Unfortunately, Big Girl had to be put down on Mar. 5, due to her kidneys finally shutting down completely. She would have been 12 in June, and she wil… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By misty s.

I love all animals. I think that when people do bad things to animals thn they should get it done right back to them.

Mar 07, 2008 | By Gavin C. | 3

First pass at getting Events up on zootoo - now anyone can create events, get them listed on zootoo, send invites out, spread word and all that good s… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Martin T.

Almost 12 years old!!! I miss her so much now that I'm in college. I miss the days when we spend the majority of our free time together. I'll see y… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Martin T.

She sleeps and dreams so peacefully...always on my bed in the bottom right corner. Oh, but don't touch her until she's rested (she's moody like her d… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Denise C.

I have gotten all my pets from shelters or from people that didn't want them. I have had Puddinhead for 14yrs we got him and resuced his brothers & si… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Jonathan J. | 1

A few words about my bodyguard... D'Artagnan is simply the best puppy in the world. He was a present from my wonderful hubby- Jonathan. D'Artagnan … more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Anonymous

kreis has an unbelievable story. my daughter found him july of '96. i told her we couldn't have a dog because her brother was allergic to them. he cou… more ›

Mar 06, 2008 | By danielle l. | 3

What is your take on cities making some breeds like pit bulls taken out of that area completly and having all of the remaining ones killed? Please be … more ›

Mar 06, 2008 | By dawn m.

I also do a domestic animal rescue I am known as Animal Friends SPCA and I am also a Wildlife Rehabilitator. I love volunteering my time to who ever m… more ›

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