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Mar 07, 2008 | By Rachel E.

Kelsie's vet is Dr. Brown, out of Mt. Sterling. Why do I travel from Somerford to Mt. Sterling, for a vet visit? Because he's a really great vet. He… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Amber R.

It is March second at 3:50 and I wanted to say that it has been great so far. I hope I get some more great friends and some responces.

Mar 07, 2008 | By Valiik

Cats are smart.

Mar 07, 2008 | By Dorothy G.

Lucky was my grandson's dog. He got her from a neighbor at about 6 weeks old. Just a mixed breed, but oh, so cute. Every thing went well for a while… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Ginnie

The most tremendous place for all puppies, dogs that want and need a safe state of the art day care or kennel facilities. Wonderful pet handlers w… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

Greetings! I'm brand new on this website! Hopefully, this will be a positive experience for me! In a few weeks, I'll be posting more items on my new … more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By wendy T.

Will damion was found outside in nov 2006 in lorain ohio in a snow storm by my children , they are animal lovers . She was a baby about 7 weeks old . … more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By denise v.

Thumper and Charlotte love to spend time out in their enclosed screened in porch.

Mar 07, 2008 | By wendy T.

Socks come into our family in 2004 , not lookin for a dog but a friend had got him , and their bigger dog was beating him up alot . He looked bad whe… more ›

Mar 07, 2008 | By wendy T.

I like to sit in the sun , soon ill have pic up of me . But most of all i like for my head to be rub softly i go to sleep when my daddy does it

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