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Mar 08, 2008 | By Barbara H.

I have enjoyed reading other peoples opinions on so many pet products and news events. What a great way to bring pet lovers together and to help ou… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By judy b. | 3

I feed then corn, apples, carrots, leftover salad greens,leftover bread and grain products. I let them eat the cat food that I leave out for the fera… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Karensue | 3

It seems like yesterday that our Rottie Stutz died,it was a very traumatic event for our family but especially Crickett our calico cat who actually th… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Graysonluvr

My lil babe, Grayson is th cutest lil kitty in th entire world!!!!! He is my best friend (well best animal friend!!!!!) He doesn't hurt my guests o… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Melissa N. | 1

Well Hello everyone. This looks like a pretty cool site. Looking forward to looking around it. We have a total of 12 cats right now with the kittens … more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Clint d.

Love them(dogs) we just got our dog trained! but we missed her!

Mar 08, 2008 | By Bryan J. | 1

Sadly, Mina was left in the care of my father and sister, for her own well-being, when I moved into my wife's home. We have far too many steps for Mi… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Serena E. | 1

what a day, at the Farm Show complex here in Harrisburg PA was a "dog expo" called PawsAbilities. it was to benifit the Susquehanna Service Dog's. And… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Bryan J.

Jasmin is so named because when my wife first rescued him, she thought he was a female. She was wrong but the name stuck anyway. Anyway he is Shelby… more ›

Mar 08, 2008 | By Shanon L.

Today gus gus decided to grab the toliet paper and run with it. Antother time you want toliet paper it rps off one sheet at a time. This didn't rip un… more ›

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