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Mar 29, 2008 | By Barbara H.

I am sorry that zootoo is over in a couple of days. Good luck to the winners. We will still suport our shelters as usual. Maybe new volunteers wil… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Michael S.

my rabbit likes to eat pinecones!?who knew?

Mar 29, 2008 | By Dreamwisher | 1

When lady was a pup she was so sick. The lady that gave her to me didn't give a dang about her. She was so full of worms. I doctored her night and day… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By TeeJay F.

It was just in the summer about July now!! And I was just getting done with Horse camp!!!! I was doing my performance and getting ready to fall as… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Marilyn H.

Rose was a rescue and is registerd but no papers came with her. Her last family had to cut back and if she went to auction, well, most of us know the… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Marilyn H.

I rescued Kitty, a 13 year domestic shorthair from euthanasia as the owner could not provide the necessary care due to unavoidable circumstances. She… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By TeeJay F.

It was the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was sturring not evan a mouse! But that is the problem you see it was to… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Jose51

Yey...we got the new puppy...hes 6 weeks...hes a black lab...hes so cute...big eyes and little nose...hes so cute..hehe

Mar 29, 2008 | By Lingrepke

Ok, so last week my dogs got out of the back yard fence. We were very concerned, it was raining and we were not home when it had happened. My husband … more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By TeeJay F.

I havn't done this before so it might be strange.. but i sawl something that i couldn't explain! I sawl a dog on the roof barking at me when i was wa… more ›

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