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Mar 29, 2008 | By Jacobsaunt

Mickey loves to nibble on plants in our house. He will vomit afterwards. We found out from our vet that cats will purposly due this because it makes t… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Anonymous | 1

Thanks for the ride !! what a rollercoaster of emotions, fun & excitement you have brought to shelters all across America... The opportunity of a l… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Laura T.

Maddy loves to play, she also loves to go for rides, she is a hard working dog as she goes to work with dad everyday. She does not like to be alone, s… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Pam J. | 1

I took my pregnate Miniature Chihuahua "Chico" to West Plains Vet. last year for a c-section, it was after hours & the vet charged me to come in & hel… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Ajenkins1

I have 2 fish and a fat bunny

Mar 29, 2008 | By Jill C.

My pup Jewelie and I were in an automobile accident last fall. We were both banged around pretty good, but I am thankful she was in her crate. Since… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Ctierkins

Bonnie Jean has fulfilled children dreams to live on a farm and care for animal in need

Mar 29, 2008 | By Lyndam

We adopted Mandy from the Humane Society after seeing her at several meet and greets. She was abused and neglected and had a few health issues that w… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By Alecia N.

Sandie now is much bigger but is a lot more energetic she loves to give people kisses and she loves kids. Her kind, caring face makes you want to adop… more ›

Mar 29, 2008 | By JazziesMom

"NO DOGS!" That is what my husband has always said. He was afraid of them. He was attacked by one of his cousin's dogs when he was a kid. Every ti… more ›

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