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Mar 31, 2008 | By Jessie R.

I have gotten my heart into this a little too much I think, or maybe not. I truly am praying day and night that God's grace will shine upon the HSMC O… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Elisabeth B.

I'm new to all this but I hope that the Jefferson County SPCA can get their makeover because that is where I got my dog!!! =)

Mar 31, 2008 | By Joanne E.

The smallest of all my cats, Johanna still rules the house with an iron claw! She is all Siamese--fiesty, loving, inquisitive, creative, curious, smar… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Jocelyn N. | 2

If anyone is looking for a loyal lap dog, get a Boston! My family has one, and he is the most loveable, loyal, well behaved dog! He is people & pet fr… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Teresa C.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard in the $1 Million Makeover Contest!! You all rock!! You are the reason our shelter is what it is today ..… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By elizabeth s.

Have you ever met a cat that loves to play fetch? I haven't until i brought Sebastian home. He'll play with anything small, bring it to you, drop it… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By LindaMeister | 1

I am still thankful that my husband and i were able to provide hospice care for this little spaniel who was dying from breast cancer. The spca expec… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Darleen W.

We adopted Smudge from Angel't Wish in Verona two weeks ago and he has won our hearts over. We recently lost our 14 1/2 year old Birman to liver failu… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Stephelovesanimals26…

Mar 31, 2008 | By rena n. | 1

Jerry Beldingus was his name. He was born a ferral cat. My sister's friend found them in a field near where she lives. We got him and his brother b… more ›

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